Legal translation services

Law firms, in-house counsel and legal professionals all rely on our secure, accurate, 24/7 translation services, underpinned by industry expertise and tested, secure, ISO-approved systems.

Our global offices are well placed to service Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

We know that legal translation can seem daunting and complicated, but using our unique translation ecosystem, consisting of our people, processes and technology, we can make the process easier.

Multilingual legal solutions

Multilingual legal services often need to go beyond straightforward translation, allowing you to spend more of your time on strategic legal and business advice, leaving the routine work to us.

Who we work with

What does legal translation cover?


Translation technology

Our home-grown technology suite, SmartMATE, focuses on improving the quality of our translations, the productivity of our teams and our clients, and connectivity between our customers’ systems and our own.

Machine translation - Legal translation services

SmartMATE Machine Translation

Custom built engines can be integrated into the process, increasing productivity, whilst reducing costs and turnaround times

SmartMATE PDF - Legal translation services

SmartMATE PDF Processing

Evaluate and convert PDF documents into translatable files, addressing any possible issues with the source content

Quality - Legal translation services

SmartMATE Quality Checker

Measure the quality of source files quickly and easily, before the start of the project

What is important to you?

Our services to the legal market deliver precise translations to you quickly, at any time of the day, and ensure that your content remains confidential throughout.

Language in litigation

Learn more about how to manage multilingual documents and translation in the litigation process.

Language in litigation white paper

By working with a language service provider from the data collation stage, almost as an extension of the case team, you can make the whole process a lot easier and more cost-efficient.

Language in litigation podcast

In our podcast, we discuss the challenges lawyers and legal team face when dealing with multilingual documents

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