Audiovisual Translations & Subtitling Services |

With many advertising campaigns and product launches now needing to reach international audiences, Capita Translation and Interpreting provides our customers with a high-end, multi-purpose Audiovisual offering which includes voiceover services and subtitling. Our audiovisual translations provide customers with a high end, quality voice over of their material using an artist of their choice. This service produces material that is ideal for:

Voice Over

“Voice-over: Process of replacing a narration voice track (usually with no actor seen on screen) in a foreign language in a multimedia medium.”

Our audiovisual translations provide customers with high end, quality voice overs of their material using an artist of their choice This service produces material that is ideal for:

  • TV Broadcasting
  • training courses and videos
  • website video content
  • internal and external business use

There are two main types of voice over recording:

Wild recording – the voice over artist reads from a script without synchronisation

Sync to video – a script is carefully translated and adapted to fit specific time codes, with the recorded voice then synchronised to the video. Script translation is an extremely important part of this service.


“Subtitling: Process of adding a written translation of the dialogue or narration on-screen or above the stage. Also called “captioning.”

Adding subtitles to video content remains the most cost effective way of reaching audiences in other languages, and it is still a popular route taken by production companies, when creating training material, e-learning content and other online video content. Subtitling services are still commonly used in a variety television programmes across the world.

We have an experienced team with in-depth knowledge of the subtitling process who can ensure subtitling services are carried out according to industry standards, meet the relevant safe area margins and choose the most suitable styles to fit the brief. Subtitles can also be burnt onto videos and encoded to various file formats and quality.