Integration Solutions – CapitaConnect

If you’re looking to set up and manage a multilingual website we have a number of solutions to help you. The most suitable option will depend on your current and intended global situation, your CMS technology and your business goals. Our localisation experts are on hand to discuss and advise, but the options can be summarised as follows:


Multilingual CMS

You may already have a robust CMS that can handle multilingual websites, or you may not have even considered it in the past. Whatever your situation, we are able to discuss your internationalisation needs and talk you through the process.

An important consideration when setting up a multilingual website is how to exchange content files from your CMS to our translation management system (TMS), and how to deliver them back after translation and publish on your site. This can be achieved by:

  • Manual extraction / export of content into structured files – we will process these files in our TMS, keeping all tags and formatting intact, ready to re-import after localisation.
  • Integration through our API – an integration can be built between your CMS and our TMS to streamline the content exchange process. We can provide full access to our APIs, and also have pre-built connectors for certain commercial systems, including Adobe Experience Manager, Microsoft SharePoint and Ektron.

Key benefits

  • Produce fully localised websites: Set up websites that are fully localised and can be adapted to each local market
  • Local Markets can manage their own content: Allow for content editing and change management at each target country site through your multilingual CMS
  • Maximise functionality from your CMS: Whether this be for reporting purposes, user experience or personalisation, you can leverage CMS functionality across all target websites.

Website Translation Proxy

If your website isn’t set up to handle multiple languages and you don’t have much IT support at hand, or if you don’t have a support in local countries; our website translation proxy would be a good option. This would be the easiest way to quickly set up localised versions of your website.

Our website translation proxy is a cloud-based solution that mirrors your source website, producing a localised copy. We can handle everything from setup, localisation of content, and delivery (hosting) of localised websites.

Key benefits:

  • Little or no IT involvement required: There is no need for your CMS to have multilingual capabilities, removing time consuming internationalisation setup.
  • Rapidly release localised websites: As little time is required in the back-end system like with the Multilingual CMS solution, websites can be released much quicker.
  • Consistent websites: The proxy acts as a mirror of your source site, helping keep target websites consistent. Content updates and changes can also be easily identified.