It’s been a busy March

We have been incredibly busy during this past month, and a couple of our key teams have been well and truly kept on their toes!

Not only have we unveiled our new company website, attended a series of industry events and released a suite of new technology, but we’ve also been winning and implementing a host of new clients.

New website

A brand new website has been in the pipeline for the past year, but in March, we finally revealed the new site. We believe our new site is easier to navigate, and showcases our sector and service expertise. The site also features our new SmartMATE brand, our ecosystems, and a new resources section, where you can find our blogs, case studies, videos and whitepapers.

New technology

Along with a new website, we also unveiled a new technology brand in Q1: SmartMATE, which focuses on quality, connectivity and productivity.

For more information, watch Antonio in this 2 minute video:

New General Manager

We’re also pleased to welcome Antonio Tejada as our new General Manager. After holding the position of Language Solutions Director for the last year, Antonio will now manage the daily operations of the company.

With over 25 years’ experience in the language industry, Antonio has worked hard to help Capita TI deliver new innovations and technologies.

New clients

Our Business Development Manager Les, and our Account Manager Zoe, in the Public Sector Sales team have been negotiating and implementing interpreting services with four major healthcare organisations in the Midlands. Each implementation was carried out in just a week, which is an amazing feat in the language services industry.

Our Interpreting Operations team has also been busy on-boarding these new customers, and ensuring interpreters are where they need to be, when they need to be there. One of the key challenges when on-boarding new customers is ensuring our communications with linguists are frequent and informative, as this means the linguists have a clear understanding of the customer and their requirements.

New team members

We’ve welcomed a few new faces in Q1, including: Sean, our Graphic Designer; Grace, our Account Executive; Amandine, our Marketing intern; Idrees, our IT Junior Technician; Abdullah, our Finance Assistant; and Simona, who started an internship with us in 2016 and has since progressed to become a full-time member of our Sales team.

It’s great to see departments and colleagues working in tandem, ensuring customers receive the best services possible.

So, do we want a rest in April…? Absolutely not! We love being busy helping our customers and we are passionate about our services and how we deliver them.

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