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ITR, 1 year on – enhancing account and relationship management

It’s been a whole year since Capita TI integrated ITR into the business, and what a year it’s been!

Since the acquisition, we’ve integrated seamlessly and achieved so much together. So, 1 year on, what’s new?

What ITR already did:

  • Nurture the client relationship – be available, listen and touch base regularly
  • Adopt a partnership approach – we never did something for a client if we knew it was wrong for them. We always used our best suppliers and best practises to get the best for our clients

We wanted a client partnership approach not only for the past, and present but also for the future – but we couldn’t quite get a handle on how to do this, and needed a bigger partner to help, such as the likes of Capita TI.

So, what’s enhanced?

  • Imparted knowledge – we’ve changed how we do things: we provide quarterly business reports of MI data, such as translation spend per language, translation memory leveraging savings, all of which helps our clients to justify their investment. We’ve also shared updates on business developments, services, industry whitepapers and trends with our clients and colleagues
  • Being transparent and communicative – we share success stories, and have collaborated on case studies as both ITR and Capita TI, including Neopost and a large telecoms We’re able to advise on best practises, alternative solutions or options and suggest improvements in workflows to benefit our clients.

We’ve worked with teams throughout Capita TI to develop solutions, automate processes and pass on the benefits to clients. Our expanded linguist pool also offers a wider range of language pairs

  • Client introductions – we clearly set out prices, quality thresholds, turnaround times and service level agreements for a designated period, to use as key performance indicators
  • Forward thinking – we’ve aligned more with the Capita brand, increased product and service knowledge, and customised solutions, which ultimately leads to greater client satisfaction
  • A new office – we’re now in a much better location to service and meet with our clients. Ensuring that we maintain contact with our clients guarantees a positive relationship on both sides.

We’re only 1 year into a great long-term partnership, and would like to thank all of our Capita and ITR clients, that have helped to make our journey together a great one. Here’s to many more years!


Jane, our Client Services Manager, joined Capita TI from the acquisition of ITR. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Jane now leads the ITR Project Management team.