Interpreting Best Practice and Cultural Awareness in the NHS

In February 2016, Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) held an Interpreting Best Practice and Cultural Awareness Event at the Grange Wellington Hotel, London.

The purpose of the event was to help people who work within the NHS, and use interpreters on a regular basis, understand best practice and be aware of cultural differences.

How to run a successful consultation

Three of our very own interpreters carried out a mock scenario where a patient required an interpreter, providing examples of ‘good’ and ‘poor’ interpreting practice. It also included a short video, showing interpreting within a healthcare setting, and was followed by discussion and debate regarding whether it demonstrated good or poor practice.

Understanding different cultures

NHS staff are required to communicate effectively with patients from a number of different cultures, which demands a high level of understanding of the ways in which different cultures approach issues. It also requires an understanding of their religion, and how this may impact on the decisions they make, and the way in which they behave and wish to be treated. Our guest speaker Mr Jack Moore, Moore Training Solutions provided training in understanding different cultures, in order for attendees to have an improved understanding of the difficulties the NHS experience on a daily basis.

The next public sector event will be held on Wednesday 11 May at Etrop Grange Hotel, Manchester with guest speaker Joe O’Grady, Equality and Diversity Manager at the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The event will focus on working to consider how non-English speaking patients, and those for who English is not their first language, have access to the full range of healthcare services and how public sector agencies can meet new standards for accessibility.

If you’d like to register for this event, or would like to receive more information, email, or fill in the form below.

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