Internet of Things – sleeping giant or thoroughbred?

I once heard someone describe the Internet of Things (IoT) as a sleeping giant. Is it fair to describe the IoT as some kind of barely moving creature with massive potential and unimaginable strength, but far from gaining any momentum?

Is the Internet of Things a two-speed phenomenon?

The Smart IoT London painted the picture of IoT as a two-speed phenomenon. On one hand you have companies that are making enormous leaps forward and have already integrated IoT into their everyday processes. On the other you have many people across various business verticals and levels who look at it like my grandma would look at an iPad. Curious, interested, utterly bewildered.

So it’s no surprise that even at an event that gathered the cutting edge of the IoT world, when Andy Mulholland opened his brilliant talk by asking if anyone had clarity on what the IoT was, the answer was total silence, despite the sizeable audience.

What’s the hold-up then? IoT is still clashing with several crucial obstacles but smart companies are thinking ahead.

What’s holding the IoT back?

The traditional security and legislation issues appear to be now regarded as part of the game, or rather, fundamental issues that the top players are fully equipped to deal with.

One of the main talking points throughout the two days was IoT accessibility and its appeal to the general public. Much of the progress made by IoT can be traced back to the enterprise world, but there still is a significant disconnect between IoT and the general public. This barrier is being broken down already.

What does the future hold for the IoT?

Michael Platt (Director – Strategic Projects, Microsoft) gave great insight on how Microsoft is using IoT to revolutionise healthcare and help people with disabilities live better lives. As always, the giants are joined by smaller but just as exciting ventures. Thomas Serval (CEO, Kolibree) showed how gamification and IoT could help cutting down on US’s $120 billion national dental care expenditure though the use of a smart toothbrush.

Some obstacles remain in the enterprise world too, and there are still companies that look at IoT with some scepticism. To counter that, Software AG have taken the role of key driving force in moving IoT past the hype by implementing solutions in an admirably practical and factual way. Bart Schouw (Director Industry Solutions – IoT, Software AG) pointed at the hype around IoT as one of the main detriments to its progress, and foresees a near future where the real key players will have the chance to truly shine and large audiences will gain complete and transparent access to what the IoT has to offer and fully benefit from it.

More than a sleeping giant, the IoT has all the makings of a thoroughbred champing at the bit.

Top-notch global communication and the ability to present solutions and processes effectively to international audiences, let alone captivating those audiences’ interest, can make a substantial difference in making a technology commonplace.

At Capita, we’ve helped many companies bring their innovation across every border, and we are geared up to be the thought leader in bridging the gap between IoT and localisation.

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