It’s International Translation Day

Once again, the time is upon us to celebrate International Translation Day.  The celebration is now a recognised event Worlwide, in which anyone involved in the translation industry can take pride in their work and showcase their recent efforts to help support global communication.  This year’s theme focuses on the idea of:

Beyond Linguistic Barriers – A United World

and really highlights the fact that in a troubled World, translators play a huge role in bringing nations closer together.  Apart from the growing economic and political issues translators help to bridge, they also help us provide healthcare to the sick, develop new technologies and enjoy literary art from all corners of the World.  International translation Day 2013 is about saying thank you to some of the people who have made a big difference, to our everyday lives.

So getting into the spirit of the day, we thought we would heap praise on some of our translators who deserve it the most.  The following translators work in-house at Capita Translation & Interpreting and have done a remarkable job representing our brand.  The attention to detail and level of commitment this year has been second to none.  So without further ado, let’s introduce our in-house Translators:


Irina Dobson – Our Russian Speaking Expert

During her time with Capita-TI Irina has worked on some rather complex International projects, which have required a high level of flexibility and strong project management skills.   In a recent assignment for a luxury property company, Irina used her translation expertise to go the extra mile for our client.  Not only did she help translate their content but she also supported the translation and proofreading for their corporate website voice-overs and also helped out in a specialist voice over recording session, showcasing her knowledge of intonation and pronunciation.

Lucie Ledentu – Our French Speaking Expert

Lucie has proven herself to be one of our most trusted translators and has taken on some of our largest ever projects.  Her work ethic, determination and level of consistency make her the perfect companion for large-scale enterprise translation work.  This year on one particular piece of work, she dedicated around 100 hours to the completion of the project which helped us build a very strong and trusted relationship with our client.

Ines Alfano – Our Brazilian Portuguese Expert

At Capita-TI we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients and one member of the team who has made an immediate impact to some of our key accounts is Ines.  Not only does she make it her mission to fully understand our clients industries and business models, she also helps produce work that constantly exceeds clients’ requirements.  Ines works with the wider project management teams to ensure translation quality is at the forefront of everything we do and recent client feedback proves she has made a real difference to our internal processes.


International Translation Day 2013

We are really proud of the three translators above and as we continue to grow we will continue to add to our dynamic team.  In October we have new Italian and German translators starting with us and initiatives like International Translation Day help us showcase the amazing work they do.  International Translation Day is now entering its 60th year of activity and has been gaining more momentum as the need for language services continues to grow.  The history of the day goes back to biblical times and is closely linked to the activity of St.Jerome, who is considered the patron saint of translators.  It’s celebrated every year on the 30th September, the day which is also known as St.Jerome’s feast.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the day the official communication can be found here, along with the official 2013 poster which you can share.

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