International Manufacturing Trade Show

I was excited to attend my very first International Manufacturing Trade Show (IMTS) which was held on the 8th September at McCormick Place in Chicago. I couldn’t believe how huge the venue was, with four different buildings joined together by a central concourse. With my colleagues (Diana Heppe, Richard Kurnick and Herb Fyfield) in tow – we split up into groups of two, with the objective of covering as much ground as possible throughout the course of the day.

There were a staggering 114,147 people who attended the show over the 6 days, with just over 1800 exhibitors. With machinery to show-case in all shapes and sizes, some of the exhibitor’s booths were enormous. After having spoken with many of the exhibitors, I learnt that some of these booths had taken weeks to set up!

We strode up and down the aisles perusing the stands of the various exhibitors. Our objective was to identify companies that trade internationally and find out about their translation and localization requirements. It was interesting to talk to these people and learn about the range of documents that these businesses use, ranging from manuals to marketing materials, from eCommerce to health and safety guides, to name a few. One of our main aims at the show was to raise awareness on the importance of having professional, native speaking linguists working on their global material.

As the show progressed, some of the exhibitors had entertainment for their visitors. We were quickly surrounded by magicians, dancers, food and alcoholic beverages; all of which were warmly welcomed after a long day on our feet! Rich ensured he didn’t miss out on any of the entertainment, and even managed to get a photo with most of the dancers!


All of us that attended the show met some really interesting people and businesses and now that we are back in the office, we’re all looking forward to catching up with the people we met and starting to help them with their translation requirements and localization journey.


Sarah is a Business Development Manager and has been at Capita TI since May 2013. In her spare time she enjoys travelling to see new places, baking lots of nice treats and reading a good novel.


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