HTTPS is here – Yet another move towards securing your data

In a world where barely a day goes by without a story hitting the headlines regarding breaches in data security, Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) is constantly striving to ensure that your data is as secure as possible. So today we are proud to announce yet another positive move towards achieving our security goals.

The move of our website from the unsecure HTTP to secure HTTPS provides both current and future customers the reassurance that all of their data, from completing an enquiry form right through to receiving their completed projects is being treated with the utmost care. We are one of the first Language Service Providers to take this step across our entire website!

The benefit of using a HTTPS website is that it is intended to provide confidentiality, integrity and identity as only your browser and the website’s server are able to decrypt the information. If you would like to read more about what is means to use HTTPS there is a great article on Mashable.

Other moves in recent months have included the renewal of our ISO 27001 security certificate and the migration to MultiTrans; an environment which allows Capita TI staff and freelance linguists to work on projects within a secure, contained environment – eliminating the need for documents to be transferred between the various touch-points involved. We can also provide a number of API connectors to our customers, offering extra layers of security should the customer require it. This is particularly popular with legal and finance firms.

We take data security very seriously and understand that no one wants their data to be compromised, so any data that we receive is treated in the same way we’d treat our own details. We do not pass any information on to 3rd parties and your data is only used to contact you for the products and services provided by Capita TI. This has, and always will be the same, regardless of the certificate status of our website.

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