How to cash in on Black Friday internationally

Originally recognised as the day after Thanksgiving, when American consumers would hit the shops and hope to pick up discounted items before Christmas, Black Friday has since developed into one of the biggest international shopping days of the year, aided greatly by the world of e-Commerce. Online retailers have embraced the marketing potential of Black Friday, introducing it in to new markets across the globe.

Black Friday gives e-Commerce companies a great opportunity to reach new markets, as the shoppers’ desire to pick up a Black Friday bargain can encourage them to visit new websites and marketplaces, in the search for the best possible price.

But how can you cash in on these potential customers around the world?

1. Speak the language

Whilst there are 870 million English-speaking internet users, there is also a huge multilingual audience online. 56% of people spend more time on sites in their own language than in English, and the average internet user expects more than just the necessary information to be translated – supporting content such as product reviews, forums and FAQs are expected to be offered in multiple languages too.

2. Localise

Website translation provides your website visitors with the most essential information in their language, but localisation goes beyond straightforward translation, and takes into account other factors that will influence your target audience, such as culture, style, design and imagery.

Ensure your product descriptions, item specifics and return policies are all translated by a specialist who understands both the intricacies of retail and international marketplaces.

Also consider localising aspects such as shipping costs, size conversion charts and currency conversion.

3. Multilingual SEO

It’s one thing translating your English keyword research into your target languages, but if you really wish to reach your customers overseas, a localised SEO strategy is vital.
The keyword “jeans” in English is likely to be fairly similar in France and in Spain, but what about the keywords “drainpipe jeans” or “pencil skirt”? They are unlikely to directly translate into these languages, and will have their own keywords for these terms.

4. Be smart

e-Commerce companies offering services optimised for smart devices are boosting engagement and retention amongst customers, as they become more committed to providing a personalised service that fits around consumers’ lifestyle, making their user journey more convenient and hassle-free. Over 50% of the world’s population use a smartphone as their main internet source, and over 40% of all Black Friday purchases are made with mobile devices.

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Sean is the Graphic Designer at Capita TI, working on creating and designing company brochures, infographics and other marketing materials. After graduating from university in Sheffield, he moved back to Huddersfield and is based in the Oldham office.

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