How can I help you? Improving the translation process

“How can I help you?” is a phrase we’ve all probably heard in a shop by a sales assistant, but I also find myself asking this question, in regards to my own clients.

As a Senior Account Manager, I look after our key customers and deal with their translation requests. Translation isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach; each project that I work on brings different challenges, solutions and requirements, so I’m constantly thinking about how to improve the process for my customers.

Create content for translation

Translation doesn’t need to be expensive, but costs can be higher than expected if you don’t prepare your content. One piece of advice I often give my clients is to write your content with translation in mind. Does your source content read well and does it contain consistent terms and phrases? Too many nuances and colloquial phrases can cause a bit of pain and lead to a clunky, more expensive disjointed translation.

Would it perhaps be beneficial to write English copy for use in English-speaking countries and a version which can be used for translation into other languages? This could reduce the time your team has to spend reviewing translated copy and in turn reduce your internal costs.

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Language assets

To help you get the best quality translation, I would highly recommend using ‘language assets’, such as style guides and glossaries. These help us to understand your company, your brand and your tone of voice, meaning that we can keep these consistent in different languages.

Do you require the same type of documents to be translated over and over again into the same languages? If so, we can build a knowledge bank of instructions for translation and build a team of linguists dedicated to working with you – they will become an extension of your team alongside our Project Managers.

Language technology

Do you and your team find preparing, authoring and downloading content for translation a laborious job? This should not be a burden that lies with you. By applying language technology, we can streamline the process.

SmartMATE Connectivity

Connect your CMS, LMS or DMS to our translation ecosystem

SmartMATE Ordering

Send documents for translation quickly and securely

PDF processing
SmartMATE PDF Processing

Scan your PDFs for text extraction ahead of translation

Working with experts

Have you got a project that requires translation and you’re not quite sure how to tackle it, or which option is going to give you the best ROI? We have a team of specialists who can help you with anything from translating a Word document to localising, integrating, and testing the most complex e-Learning course.

At Capita TI, one of our underlying values is collaboration – we want to work in partnership with our clients, not just offering an off-the-shelf solution, but consulting you about what’s important for your company, and tailoring our service to suit you – not the other way round.

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Alicia is an Account Manager for the Manufacturing and Engineering industries. Outside of work she enjoys the outdoors, running, biking and walking but when she has to stay inside you can find her in the kitchen cooking up a feast or planning her next adventure.

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