Highest ever translation quality score for global equipment manufacturer

Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) has been providing technical translations to a global leader in the plant and construction industry for a number of years. In September, we achieved the highest ever quality score for all of its vendors at 99.1%.

As we have been working in partnership for several years, the client has built up a large bank of linguistic assets, allowing us to reduce the 127 million words received, to just 10.5 million words actually requiring translation.

These valuable linguistic resources have also been used to build customised machine translation (MT) engines in 11 language combinations, and more are currently being tested. All of our MT engines are run through vigorous testing phases before full use with the client, as this ensures we can guarantee effectiveness before live launch. We have also trained our linguists to effectively post-edit — a critical factor in the success of machine translation workflows.

On average, 50% of the words received for translation annually are processed by MT engines, enabling the customer to significantly reduce their translation costs, with a saving of 30% on the new word rate. This has resulted in their budget being able to go further; translating more material and reaching new audiences.

Whether full human translation or post-editing of machine translation, we are able to exceed our client’s quality expectations day in, day out, as proven by our status as the top-rated vendor for quality for a number of years (as verified by independent and internal linguist teams). This is proof that with our specialist technology team, MT really can provide excellent service and value for money.

We re-tune our MT engines on a regular basis to ensure constant improvements are being made for our customer, and so that over time the raw output is better and better making post-editing increasingly more efficient.

Thanks to the use of customised MT engines, we have really been able to cement ourselves as the vendor who is able to offer new languages using machine translation workflows. With budgets being constantly squeezed and time being a critical obstacle in maintaining operational effectiveness, we help our customers to achieve critical savings to ensure their competitiveness, which has maintained our high reputation as a leading Language Service Partner.

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