Globalization A Highlight At Global Gaming Expo

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) was held last week in Las Vegas from September 23rd to 26th at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. This was a huge show, with over 450 exhibitors from 32 countries and 16,000 registered attendees.

Global Gaming Expo

The best part of G2E for us was, no matter where we went or who we spoke with, globalization seemed to be on everyone’s minds and lips. Whether it was a gaming technology company needing its in-game content localized into 30 different languages for its global markets, an e-learning company requiring translation of its training content for foreign language speaking hotel staff, or casino operators marketing to international visitors, it seems just about everyone in the gaming industry is global!

Here are some other highlights of our experience at G2E 2013:


–  IGT unveiled its new Avatar slot machines, which were introduced by IGT CEO Patti Hart, Avatar producer John Landau and Avatar actor Stephen Lang. Also of interest was IGT revealing their new logo, website and other brand changes to reflect changes in the market, such as the target demographic becoming younger and more technology savvy and the demand for multi-platform gaming.

–  Internet gambling was the hottest topic this year, with its own conference track and designated show area. iGaming presents a huge growth opportunity for the gaming industry in North America, once it is able to overcome the various legal and regulatory roadblocks. Industry experts agree, though, that internet gaming is close to becoming a reality in the United States, as evidenced by historic legislation being passed both federally and in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, paving the way for internet gambling in other states.

–  We found that the gaming industry touches a varying amount of industries in some way or another. It wasn’t just gaming technology companies exhibiting at G2E : the food & beverage sector was there marketing restaurants and alcohol to casino and hotel operators; retail clothing companies were marketing their uniform lines for hotel & casino staff; payment systems & merchant solutions companies marketed their technologies and products; technology companies sold their facial recognition, surveillance, casino intelligence, trend analysis, and other types of software; engineering and design companies marketed their services to casinos and resorts. It seems like everyone was there!


We thought it was a spectacular conference and we look forward to returning to Las Vegas for G2E 2014!

Were you at G2E? What did you think of the event? Please reach out for more information about localizing for your global gaming content!


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