Website, apps and AI: global customer conversions

The online world is changing at an incredible pace. Company websites, social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) are now a central part of any digital marketing strategy.

It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are moving their marketing efforts to focus on the digital landscape, but some are going even further and are becoming purely digital brands. Businesses from a variety of sectors are challenging traditional marketing models and disrupting the digital landscape, with a seamless cross-over of offline and online activities.

Your global customers

So who, and where is your digital audience? What languages do they speak? What are their digital preferences? Can they find you online and do they find it easy to interact with your website or app?

We’ve teamed up with fellow Capita company Orangebus, an award-winning digital agency based in Newcastle, to highlight some of the key facts around the digital world and how it impacts your users’ experience.

Digital global conversations – infographic Speak your customer's language Build your digital assetsaround your audience Embrace and benefitfrom new technologiesin the digital landscape For global customer conversions Almost 50% of users would rather use a messaging application than a phone call to contact a business(Source: Ubisend) By 2022, chatbots could save the banking and healthcare industries around $8 billion(Source: Juniper Research) 75% of social media users in China use WeChat, as Western sites such as Facebook and Twitter are banned(Source: emarketer) Facebook Messenger now has 100,000 chatbots operating within its service(Source: Venture Beat) Social interaction Artificial intelligence andsocial media influence (Source: App Annie) (Source: Comscore) UK 82% USA 87% Spain 88% Brazil 89% Indonesia 90% Mexico 91% China 99% How much of their ‘digital time’do users spend in apps? App domination90% of the world’s online activities arespent in apps and only 10% in browser(Source: Yahoo Flurry Analytics) (Source: Adobe) 83% (Source: GSMA Intelligence) Sub-Saharan Africa 28% Middle East and North Africa 36% Latin America 52% Asia Pacific 50% Europe 65% Northern America 67% Mobile internet penetration in 2017 Mobile now dictatesthe user experience

As well as being a self-confessed language geek and baking fanatic, Fiona is the Digital Marketing Manager at Capita Translation and Interpreting. When she's not writing blogs, she often dreams of touring France one patisserie at a time.

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