Giving our values a voice

translation ecosystemOur vision is to create a world without language barriers. How will we achieve this? Our mission sets out how we will reach our vision: by combining innovative people, process and technology, to enable our customers to communicate with anyone, anywhere.


Our new values

Our values represent the core ideology of our business and the way we interact with each other and our customers – they are one of the most important things to our organisation, so we’ve given them a voice.

We are…



We’re transparent, demonstrating open-communication, integrity, trust and compliance. Our people are who we are – they are the face of our business, and they are how we achieve success. Why not meet some of them for yourself…

Jo, Head of Marketing
Alicia, Account Manager
Maan, Head of Translation & IT



In the ever-advancing world we live in, we use technology to our, and your, advantage. Our home-grown language technology suite, SmartMATE, was built to help deliver high-quality translation & interpreting when timescales and budgets are tight.

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Partnership - Giving our values a voiceCollaborative

We put our customers first, building partnerships and relationships that deliver unique services. We don’t want to just sell our services, we want to understand how we can help your business grow and communicate with other communities & markets. Don’t just take our word for it though; see what our customers say…

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Quality - Giving our values a voiceEffective

We focus on quality with our experienced staff, linguists and partners. We do our best to ensure whatever your project, whatever the language; we will deliver the best we can do. We implement strict quality controls throughout and we’re ISO 27001 certified, meaning we look after your data securely. Quality is so important to us that we’ve created a range of tools and resource to measure and control it.

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Giving our customers a voice

The fundamental value of Capita TI, the reason we exist, is to give our customers a voice – whether it is a website translation project to help take a business global; or an interpreting appointment so that a patient can understand their doctor. We understand the importance of communication and breaking down language barriers.


As well as being a self-confessed language geek and baking fanatic, Fiona is the Digital Marketing Manager at Capita Translation and Interpreting. When she's not writing blogs, she often dreams of touring France one patisserie at a time.

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