The importance of getting things right first time

Throughout his career as a Public Sector Account Manager, Neal has taken part in, and led on, many new customer implementations – some more successfully than others.

Like many things in business, there are dozens of internal and external factors that can influence an implementation project, such as the sector the client is in, the size of their organisation and their willingness to engage at different organisational levels. Despite all the variables, there is one factor that remains constant. That is, it is imperative that you get it right first time, for the reasons Neal will explain below.

First impressions count

The initial months of the contract are the key period in time in which the client forms their perception of the service. The opinion is formed primarily at the client’s operational level, but any negative feedback will quickly filter up to the contract managers. Once there is a loss of confidence in your ability to provide, it’s very difficult and requires significantly more engagement to regain the customer’s confidence.

Be transparent

If the contract delivers what it is supposed to from the beginning, it immediately reaffirms the client’s choice to select your service and cements a positive relationship for years to come. This level of relationship makes it easier to upsell and cross-sell into, because the client has the confidence that you’re able to deliver.

This is especially important when you wish to trial new products, particularly in the Public Sector.

Think about the end customer

It’s important to remember who Public Sector clients serve, they are often people in vulnerable situations. This adds real meaning to the project and added impetus to ensure that the service users receive a higher level of service than the previous incumbent. At Capita TI, we pride ourselves in delivering services to every type of organisation working in the UK Public Sector.

We tailor our services and offerings to suit the varying needs of each client, whilst crucially remembering the people they serve.

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