The future is now – CeBIT 2016

How smart is your world? Last week in Hanover, CeBIT 2016 turned the spotlight on a very smart world indeed. Concepts that are changing our everyday lives were discussed in detail, and my lasting impression of the event was that the future of communication is already upon us.

Cyber security

It’s no surprise that security was a hot topic. Targeted cyber-attacks are increasing in number and sophistication, and thankfully the protection available to us is advancing to meet the threat. Kaspersky’s Anti Targeted Attack Platform allows users to trace attacks by monitoring network activity. Vodafone, meanwhile, looked at security from another angle. Their new Bodycam equips police, paramedics and fire-fighters with a wearable camera that can transmit video in real time, alerting colleagues to danger and storing the recordings as evidence.

This was only one aspect of a highly successful event for Vodafone. Visitors to the Telecoms giant’s stand were rewarded with rides in a Porsche 2.0. Porsche Car Connect mobile services are of course provided by Vodafone Automotive Telematics. As well as putting smiles on the faces of motor enthusiasts, the free rides also served as a reminder of the benefits of a high-level corporate partnership. Capita can certainly identify with that, and it was a pleasure to meet many of our partners during the event.

But it wasn’t only the giants who came out to play at CeBIT.

The innovators who could become the Vodafone, Porsche or Capita of tomorrow also found an enthusiastic audience, notably through the Founders Fight Club that saw entrepreneurs arguing the merits of their business ideas in gladiatorial style. At an event where security and data protection were so widely debated, it was refreshing to see business ideas discussed openly. CeBIT offered us a sensible and enjoyable balance between what should be kept under wraps and what can be debated with passion.

The Internet of Things

It also offered us further proof that the Internet of Things is a topic for today, not tomorrow. At this moment, there are more connected devices on this planet than human beings. The basic concept of the IoT – that virtually every physical object in our world can be made “smart” – opens the door to a completely new level of communication. And it also highlights the need to ensure the accuracy of that communication, in any format and any language. Poor localisation will lower the IQ of your smart world very quickly. CeBIT 2016 exhibitors recognised the value of a language service partner with a track record of game changing, multi-discipline software localisation.

Plenty of events offer a glimpse into the future. CeBIT 2016 offered us a close-up of the present. Because the future is now. Capita is ready for it. And we’re ready to help you.

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