Foreign language idioms quiz

A translation isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. A certain cultural practice or custom in one country might not exist in another, so if you translate it literally, it won’t make sense to your audience.

A ‘creative’ translation deals with these linguistic issues, as the original message is carefully adapted by a qualified, native linguist, to be more appropriate for the target audience.

This approach is especially useful for slogans and catchphrases – think of the American Dairy Association’s slogan “Got Milk?”

To highlight the difficulty and complexity behind a ‘creative’ translation, we’ve put together an idioms quiz – find the English equivalent of some foreign language idioms and phrases.


As well as being a self-confessed language geek and baking fanatic, Fiona is the Digital Marketing Manager at Capita Translation and Interpreting. When she's not writing blogs, she often dreams of touring France one patisserie at a time.

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