Capita Translation and Interpreting named world’s fastest growing Language Service Provider

– 202% growth since 2010
– Top 5 UK Language Service Provider
– Risen from 47th – 25th in Top 100 worldwide Language Service Providers list

Spencer Clarkson Leading language services industry analyst and think tank, Common Sense Advisory, has identified Capita Translation and Interpreting as the Language Service Provider (LSP) with the greatest sustained growth in the industry between the period of 2010 to 2013, averaging 44.55% growth, year on year.

This rate of growth, well ahead of the industry average of 10.32%, has moved Capita Translation and Interpreting from 47th to 25th in the rankings of the World’s biggest LSPs in twelve months, putting the business firmly in the Top 10 European LSPs, and into 5th in the list of UK based LSPs.

This growth has been driven by a number of key multi-million contract wins and sustained investment in personnel and technology that is transforming the way we work with our customers and increasing the types of customers that want to work with us.

Capita Translation and Interpreting CEO, Spencer Clarkson, comments:

“Over the last year the question that is often put to me is ‘why has Capita decided to enter this industry?’ The answer I give is very simple– we believe we can do it better.

“Our approach over the last twelve months, during which time the business has been transformed, has been based on our collective belief that there is a better way to measure the quality of localisation, and that subjectivity and guesswork does not have to be such a large part of the translation process.

“Our principle has been this: break down every step that goes into a process, improve them by a small amount to gain an increase in both productivity and quality when the steps are put back together.

“We want to be a global player in this sector, and as the Common Sense Advisory research shows, we are making good progress. But you don’t just have to take our word for it, this is what our customers have to say



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