Energy and Utility translation services

What are the benefits to the Energy and Utility sector of investing in professional translation services?

If you work in the energy and utilities sector, you’ll already be aware that it is truly an international marketplace. With many countries dependent on international energy companies and utilities businesses to ensure that resources remain fluent, clear communication between all parties is critical.

Precise translation in the energy and utilities sectors is of critical importance – with no room for approximation. Slight inaccuracy in a technical translation can have extremely serious consequences – perhaps even to be a matter of life and death.

Our Energy and Utility customers

Capita TI is trusted by some of the world’s largest energy companies to provide accurate, cost effective and high quality translations. We translate invoices and shipping documents for international industrial logistics business Bolloré on the components it transports globally.

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“Bolloré has been using Capita TI for more than two years, and it has been a real pleasure to work with such a good professional company. My team has a close relationship with the Capita TI team.
Due to the nature of the Oil and Gas industry, when we require translations it is usually a matter of urgency. The Capita TI team is always on hand to provide assistance, and makes sure we reach our deadlines – to keep our own customers happy. It is a very good, professional way to handle business. Thanks to all the team!”

Alexis Fere, Managing Director, Bolloré

Why choose Capita TI?

We translated 81 million words into 676 language pairs in 2015, with proven experience in the Energy and Utility sector.

  • Your translation will only be done by qualified, experienced translators with with relevant, in-depth technical experience. We build quality checks into every major point in the translation process to ensure that the translations we deliver to you are as accurate as you need them to be.
  • A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your translation project to see the job through from conception to completion. Our 24/7 Project Management team means that we are able to handle your translation requests, no matter the time of day or timezone
  • We are an ISO9001 and ISO27001 registered company, and because we conform to the European Standard BS EN 15038, all our processes are closely monitored.

Did you know that Turkey is one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world?

We can help your company with accurate professional translation services for:

  • Well operation and appraisal documents
  • Health and safety documents
  • Pipeline inspection reports
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Social impact assessments (SIA)
  • Reservoir studies
  • Drilling programmes and expedition reports
  • Well legislation, procedures and reports
  • Field development economics and budgeting documents

  • Sedimentology documents
  • Biostratigraphy documents
  • Seismic data acquisition documents
  • Geophysical and geotechnical logs
  • Invitation to tender (ITT) and tender documents
  • Technical and CAD drawings
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Oil rig safety procedures
  • Brochures and sales material
  • Diagnostic system error messages
  • Training documentation and eLearning courseware

Which languages will deliver the best ROI?

Based on research by the Common Sense Advisory the top 5 languages (excluding English) for websites within the energy and utilities sector are:

We can also offer face to face or over the phone interpreting services in over 180 languages to help your people in the field to communicate efficiently and accurately, wherever in the world they may be.