Employee Engagement: what’s all the fuss about?

Earlier this week, I went to an employee engagement business seminar to see how we can further engage the staff at Capita TI. The course started with some startling facts through this video that should surely shift any company into action:

It was clear from the outset of the seminar that there are some common challenges in achieving employee engagement, no matter what type or size of company you work in. Some of these manifest in three ways:

By having a commonality across sectors and companies, we were able to work collaboratively on finding solutions to this hot topic. We looked at qualities our leaders should have and noted that when set against the Triangle of Success, most of the attributes related to attitude.

success triangle

What are the drivers of engagement?

Employees need to be satisfied with their line manager and have belief in senior leadership. These two things go hand in hand; often an employee’s only contact with senior leadership is through their line manager who should be a conduit for information and must be positive in promoting the senior leadership team.

By 2020, most of the work force will be made up from Gen-Y workers, I am one of these, and completely agree that we need more than to just know what’s happening; we need to know why.

If employees have pride in their organisation, they have an emotional engagement with the company and that is at the heart of employee engagement.

What needs to happen to get an engaged employee?

employee engagement

The starting block is to make employees feel valued. So far, it sounds like the onus is on managers to achieve employee engagement, but there needs to be a mutual commitment between them and the employees to the business. Yes, employees need to be able to trust their managers but they also need to have a fresh outlook on this process if anything is going to change.

This means:



Complaining Being more positive
Criticising Communicating
Finding problems Finding solutions
Undermining Being more flexible
Micro-managing Being confident

Who we are + what we do = what we get

In a nutshell, our attitudes and values combined with our processes and behaviour means that the outcomes will be improved. An empowered workforce want to contribute, get involved and help to enhance the company’s results. This won’t work through conditional responsibility; employees can’t be offered something IF they do something else. There needs to be a personal responsibility that’s led from the senior management team down.

To sum up the engagement seminar in 3 points:

If you’re asking your employees to do more- to go above and beyond- for the same money, you must engage them.

Going forward

Capita TI has an Employee Engagement Group (EEG) which meets regularly in order to drive engagement across the business. Through annual surveys and putting forward proactive solutions to anything that arises from the survey, employees are being encouraged to get engaged but even the big names in business have to work hard to maintain their valued staff.

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