The Emirates Group case study

Website localisation for multiple languages

Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) offers professional website localisation services to help organisations communicate with current and prospective clients across the globe.

A comprehensive end-to-end service including multilingual SEO, in-context review and audiovisual services guarantees the client a slick website which retains its impact all over the world.

Maximising client engagement through localisation

Emirates flies to more than 120 destinations in over 70 countries and has been fundamental in establishing Dubai as the Middle East’s commercial center and aviation hub. It operates more than 1,200 flights per week across six continents from its base at Dubai International airport.

Emirates was launched in 1985 with two leased aircraft from a rudimentary airport. Its phenomenal growth is reflected in the 170-plus aircraft in its rapidly expanding fleet – a mix of the latest wide-body Airbus and Boeing aircraft – as well as Dubai’s state-of-the-art Emirates Terminal 3, which is used solely for the airline’s flights.


Emirates has over 15,000 cabin crew of more than 135 nationalities, who speak over 55 different languages.

From 2011-2012, Emirates carried over 34 million passengers, an increase of 2.6 million on the previous year.

The challenge

Emirates needed to localise their website into multiple languages to ensure ease of use for clients across the globe. Having chosen a multi-vendor model with each vendor responsible for one language pair, it was essential to ensure consistency of service and translation quality across all languages. With 20 different language pairs translated by various agencies, this could be challenging and all the vendors involved needed to be able to deliver on time and in adherence with strict quality standards.

In order to ensure consistency, Emirates implemented an online translation platform where linguists could log in and work using cloud-based resources such as translation memories.

Vendors therefore had to be adaptable in their approach and allow their linguists to work directly using this system.

How Capita TI helped

Capita TI’s consistent application of best practice processes and proactive communication have ensured that both delivery and quality SLAs have been continuously met for the Brazilian Portuguese language pair. This has included regular calls to review KPI results, discuss potential improvements and identify any issues.

In addition to this dialogue, Capita TI ensured high quality translations from day one of the contract by sourcing fully qualified native-speaking linguists with a proven track record of delivering premium website localisation.

The latest quality and service results from Emirates have shown Capita TI improving their scores for the second successive quarter in Q1 of 2015, demonstrating their continued commitment to providing the highest possible service and translation quality.

What Emirates said

“Capita TI delivers consistent high quality and excellent customer service. This has meant that we have always been able to have complete confidence in the quality of our Brazilian Portuguese website, and we have seen an increase in visitor numbers across the board.”

Talgatbek Mendibaev, Digital Account Specialist

The result

The Emirates website is now fully localised into Brazilian Portuguese, and the consistently high quality of translations has allowed Brazilian customers to visit, explore and use the website more easily.

In addition, the Emirates team have been able to focus on their core tasks in the knowledge that Capita TI will always deliver the requested translations on time so that they can be added to the website promptly.

Long term partnership

Capita TI have been carrying out the Brazilian Portuguese translations for the Emirates website since 2009, and during that time have translated 2.8million words worth a total of over $135,000.

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