eCommerce Expo….How did it go, I hear you ask?

On Wednesday 30th September and Thursday 1st October, Capita TI exhibited at the eCommerce Expo at Kensington Olympia in London. It was great to have my colleagues visit my ‘neck of the woods’ but more importantly it was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many people from the eCommerce industry with 180 exhibitors and goodness only knows how many visitors!

The 2 day event gave me an opportunity to establish connections and network with potential client, as well as to re-connect with existing clients. We were also able to have great conversations with exhibitors and attendees in order to showcase our services and understand new trends in the market.

We hosted an ‘Around the World Happy Hour’ on both days at 3:30pm (not am!) serving drinks from around the world, including wines and beers from Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands. This was of course not only very popular, but also a great way to have a relaxed conversation with attendees. We also found that this was a great way to engage with clients and other exhibitors that had an interest in language services.

That evening, Capita TI sponsored an award for the Best Travel & Holidays eCommerce at the eCommerce Excellence Awards Dinner, and our lovely Lina Baker was asked to present the award. The winner was Ready Camp, who provide ‘glamping’ experiences which can be enjoyed by the whole family. It was really rewarding to be able to support such a great company, and Lina was honoured to present the award.

It was apparent at the expo that online payment is a growing business, and this goes hand in hand with online retail. In this market it imperative for any business to make payment options clear, easy and in the local language. This reiterates a well-known industry statistic that 87% of customers will only buy in their native language (source: Common Sense Advisory).

Attending the expo allowed me to fully understand the impact of localisation on the eCommerce industry, and more importantly, how necessary it is to the industry. Website localisation and localised keywords and metadata may sound like the basis of it, but the quality of this is integral to so many eCommerce businesses. I feel that I have benefited from hearing people talk personally about the impact of this on their business and that I am able to take this away and discuss with future clients in a more effective manner.

Next Steps

Just like our clients who are investing in localisation with the aim to return the investment, we too are looking forward to working on all the opportunities we have uncovered during the event. We are delighted that more and more young eCommerce businesses recognise the importance of localisation at very early stages of their journeys of international expansion. We are also excited about helping more mature businesses shape their complex localisation strategies and guide them through the entire process of internationalisation.

Until next year!


Lydia is developing new business in the Retail, Travel and Marketing team and has taken fitness to a new level by exercising twice a day.


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