e-Learning and training translation

Develop foreign language versions of your e-Learning courseware on time, within budget and without pain.

Businesses translating their e-Learning and training materials for multilingual employees are 46% more likely to be a leader in their industry.

What is involved in e-Learning translation?

In order to ensure your courseware is translated to the best possible standard, we adopt the following approaches:

  • Expert use of Translation Memory tools – for consistency and cost benefits
  • Protection of source text structure throughout the translation workflow – for accuracy and productivity
  • Expert use of tools for compatibility with your authoring environment and e-Learning tools, including Articulate, Moodle and Adobe Captivate
  • Professional recording and seamless integration of audiovisual and voiceover – in any language

End to end translation services

Support your multilingual e-Learning modules with appropriate communication materials and user support.

Content types

Translate e-Learning content, including:

  • Global HR and Learning courseware
  • IT User Assistance
  • Safety management tutorials
  • Automotive dealer training tutorials
  • Financial software training courses

A comprehensive 6 stage process for localising your e-Learning helps to ensure that your multilingual content is appropriate and effective for your business.

e-Learning 6 steps

An expert suite of software localisation and multimedia translation services allows you to localise any learning material, for any device, into any language.

By carefully selecting native linguists, expert editors and skilled file engineers, we make sure that nothing is lost in translation.

Guide to translating e-Learning modules

Step-by-step process and tips for e-Learning translation.

Download the guide

Meet the team

Sally Haywood

Sally, Business Development Manager.

Sean Marlow

Sean, Pre-sales Language Solutions Consultant.

Mario Tarantino

Mario, Business Development Manager.