DTP (multilingual typesetting)

So you’ve translated your text, but something doesn’t quite look right in the formatting and layout of the document. You’ve got text overflowing, images crashing and suddenly you have to reduce the font size to fit all the translated text on the page. Don’t sweat, Capita TI is here to help.

Russian text is around 30% longer than its English equivalent and there are no spaces between Thai words

If you need a hassle-free method of recreating your high-quality content so it looks as you intended in your target market, in addition to saving time and money; then Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the service for you. Whether you are translating slide decks of training material, user manuals for your latest product launch or your high impact offline marketing collateral for new markets, let us take the pain away.

Sometimes referred to as Multilingual Typesetting, this localisation service will save you time, as there is no need to translate the text and then hand it back to the designer to work with – we complete the whole process for you.

Did you know?

Have you left enough white space on your documents to allow for text expansion? Have you considered how Arabic might be handled in certain software packages? Are you capable of line-wrapping Thai correctly, given you don’t speak the language? Do you have Japanese fonts installed on your Desktop?

If the answer is no to any of the above – do not despair – that’s where we are able to help.

What we need from you

It’s pretty simple really – we just need the original source design file so that we can make sure there are no corrupted characters, all graphics are accounted for, and all text can be extracted for translation. We can handle documents created on a PC or a Mac, and we are able to work with various versions of Windows. Send us the full package and we’ll handle the rest.

What we do

We analyse the file for any potential design challenges, then using state of the art technology we’ll extract the text for translation to ensure you are able to benefit from translation memory. Once the translation is complete, our technology and DTP specialists incorporate the translations back into the original source design file. We guarantee firstly, high quality translations, and secondly, that your translated document will look as close to the source document design as possible. Once the content is approved, we can even send you print ready PDFs to make the process as pain-free as possible.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Capita Document and Information Services is on hand to ensure your translated documents are printed to the highest possible standard.

Our DTP service always includes:

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