Digital content and website localisation

Localising your digital content for global audiences

Increased access to the internet and new technologies has presented businesses with the opportunity to reach new audiences and expand into new markets. Ensure your global marketing efforts have maximum impact across markets through integrated localisation.

What does digital content localisation involve?

Website localisation

Website translation, also referred to as website localisation, can appear daunting if you are new to the process.

We offer a professional and comprehensive website localisation service for businesses wanting to expand their reach and communicate to global consumers.

No matter what sector, market or language you operate in, we can help you to reach clients across the globe.

Depending on the languages you wish to translate into, it may be necessary to adjust elements of your website, such as time, date and currency formats, as well as reversal of page layouts for right-to-left reading for languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

Integrate localisation with your CMS

In order to make the website localisation process as simple as possible, we’ve developed technology which connects to your website Content Management System (CMS) to further streamline your localisation workflows.

CMS translation integration

Add multilingual functionality directly to your website through a translation plugin, allowing you to request, track and retrieve translations in the dashboard.

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Marketplace and e-Commerce localisation

Ensure your product descriptions, item specifics and return policies are all translated by a specialist who understands both the intricacies of retail and international marketplaces. Also consider localising aspects such as shipping costs, size conversion charts and currency conversion.

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