Design and typesetting (desktop publishing)

So you’ve translated your text, but something doesn’t quite look right in the formatting and layout of the document. Visual statements change minds. Your clients form opinions, before reading a single word, based on the design of your document and the quality of the typesetting.

During the translation process, text expands and contracts, meaning that the layout of your translated content doesn’t match the original source file. For example, Russian text is around 30% longer than its English equivalent, and there are no spaces between Thai words.

We are skilled at adapting your design for multilingual markets and many of our clients value the speed and efficiency of our design and typesetting teams, because we integrate language and production seamlessly to meet the unique demands of each target country.

Whether you are translating presentation slides, annual reports, user manuals or marketing collateral, our desktop publishing service (DTP) guarantees that your translated content looks professional.

Seamless language solutions

Our translation services cover a wide variety of market sectors, services, content and end users.

File formats

We just need the original source design file, so that we can make sure there are no corrupted characters, all graphics are accounted for, and all text can be extracted for translation. We can work with a variety of file formats, including InDesign, Illustrator and Quark, and can handle documents created on a PC or a Mac. Send us the full package and we’ll handle the rest.

Our design & typesetting service always includes:

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