Cyber security and data privacy in translation

News headlines of cyber security breaches are becoming more commonplace in today’s digital landscape, and data breaches are now seen as one of the top risks to any business. So why are only a third of companies looking to tighten their cyber security measures?

As businesses look at new ways to improve online customer experience and make better use of ‘big data’, they need to be certain that important information is secure in the online world.

Data Privacy Day (known as Data Protection Day in Europe) falls on 28th January and is a day dedicated to promoting data protection best practices. The primary focus of Data Privacy Day is to make people more aware of the level of personal information that is feely available on social networking sites.

Security in translation

All businesses and industries should be aware of security measures and translation is no exception. Our innovative technology helps us to create a secure environment to manage the translation process. Our scalable, secure translation ecosystem houses our translation management system and machine translation engines in a secure datacentre, ensuring customer data and information is protected at all times.

Cyber security across the Capita group

As we are part of the wider Capita group, customers also benefit from robust governance and security policies. In addition to this, our standards and accreditations highlight the numerous ways in which we value data privacy, specifically ISO 27001.

We’ve teamed up with Capita IT Professional Services (Capita ITPS) to compile the below facts and figures to highlight just how important cyber security is to your business.

cyber security infographic

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