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Capita Translation and Interpreting is a leading provider of language translation and interpreting services to the UK’s public and commercial sectors.

We are a leading provider of interpreting and translation services to the UK’s public sector including the National Health Service, police forces and local government organisations. We also supply commercial translation services to international businesses in a variety of sectors, including legal, manufacturing, marketing and gaming.

The benefits of supplying your services to Capita TI are:

  • Competitive payment rates
  • A tiered payment structure
  • Regular payments
  • Capita Linguist Portal enabling you to easily manage your assignments and payments and view useful information

Join our freelance supplier panel today and you could be working as early as tomorrow!

In order to provide translation services for Capita TI you will be required to have three years’ translation experience or to have professionally translated 100,000 words. If you are interested becoming a freelance translator with Capita TI, please apply via our careers page: /careers/register-translator/

We require interpreters with various levels of expertise and the qualifications that we typically require will vary from Community Interpreting Level 3 to DPSI level. If you are interested becoming a freelance interpreter with Capita TI, please apply via our careers page: /careers/register-interpreter/