Creating better outcomes for the Legal and Financial sector

Professionals from the legal & financial sector gathered at The Old Library in Lloyd’s of London for an intimate breakfast seminar, hosted by Capita. The seminar focused on how 4 key areas create better outcomes for the legal & financial world: translation, managed communications, cyber security and crisis management.

The speakers

Antonio Tejada

Robert Pearl

Simon Bishop

Ted O’Brien

Russ Timpson

The seminars

After breakfast was served, we heard from Antonio Tejada, Managing Director at Capita Translation and Interpreting, about how smart technology allows us to deploy agile solutions to meet regulatory and legislative demands imposed on the financial & legal sector, all within a secure environment, SmartMATE.

Antonio explained the type of multilingual challenges faced by the legal and financial sectors – 69 countries litigated in London commercial courts last year; and £3.1 trillion worth of assets are managed for overseas customers in London – the impact this has on language requirements can be significant.

Antonio went on to describe how translation creates better outcomes for one of our key customers who tracks keywords & social media content in financial markets, allowing global investors time to trade before price action is missed – a critical part in seeking better financial returns for investors.

He finished by highlighting how the SmartMATE and LiveLINK technology advances customer experience in both translation and remote interpreting, providing a secure, central system which can be accessed from any device.

Robert Pearl, Senior Customer Relationship Manager at Capita Intelligent Communications, continued the discussion explaining that CIC receive, manage, create, deliver and optimise customers’ communications to ensure the right message gets to the right people, at the right time.

Robert also charted a digital journey through integrated communications and explained how volume workflow is being met. He noted a trend towards adopting a multi-channel approach in order to help their customers engage with their end clients via a single, unified experience across all channels & touchpoints.

Simon Bishop, Consultancy Services Director at Capita IT Services, described how Capita Cyber Security as work with customers to continuously evolve, test and monitor their data security measures, enabling them to focus on growth. He raised questions around how businesses need to know what to protect, what level of governance is needed, and how to validate controls & measures. To address today’s complex cyber landscape, it’s necessary to see through the noise and find the needle in the haystack even when you don’t know what the needle looks like.

And finally, we heard from Ted O’Brien, Director of Product & Quality at The Fire Service College and Russ Timpson, CEO of Horizonscan. Ted spoke about the modern world of global risk and the relevance of planning and preparing for unforeseen events, more crucially the actions in incident management. Ted harnesses his background in the Fire & Rescue Service to train, educate and build awareness for emergency response. His message came across loud and clear – embracing technology to create an integrated emergency response to assist businesses.

Russ challenged the audience to think about ‘business risk, resilience and readiness’ and its significance. He highlighted how many businesses think they are ready for ‘crisis’ situations, but after deeper questioning, they are not as prepared as initially though. Having a business continuity plan means nothing unless it is tried, tested and understood by the leaders.

Creating better outcomes

Capita can create better outcomes for the legal & financial sector by:

Helping businesses to communicate in any language

Delivering intelligent digital communications

Securely manage risk and reduce human oversight

Preparing for business continuity in crisis situations

We are hoping to run similar future breakfast seminars tailored towards a variety of different sectors, focusing on how Capita can create better outcomes.

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Alan is a Corporate Business Development Manager, specialising in the legal & financial markets.

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