Top 3 reasons why we believe we are the right partner for your business:

number 1 - Compliance

We understand corporate risk and compliance

As part of a large corporation and being a key supplier of many complex, global organisations, we have a clear understanding of:

Risk Management: the impact of our services to your business and how we need to approach our understanding and mitigation of these risks will form a critical part of our “Customer Handbook”

Compliance: all of our staff and linguists follow yearly mandatory training in areas such as: “Data Protection”, “Diversity and Equality”, “Financial Crime”, “Modern Slavery”, “Clinical Governance”, “Health and Safety”

Check out our Cyber Security White Paper

number 2 - Compliance

Data & information security are a core part of our business

Every process that forms our services to your business are continuously evaluated as part of our Information Security Policy.

We don’t see Information Security as a barrier, but rather a mechanism to ensure protection of our data, our customers and partners.

You will benefit from our investment on:

  • Secured systems
  • Continuous self auditing
  • ISO27001 accredited

Cyber security and data privacy infographic

number 3 - Compliance

We take responsibility

We will work with you to understand the possible liabilities generated from our services and will act accordingly to build the mitigations to prevent them.

Our approach to your services will not only take into consideration timely deliveries and excellent quality, but also how we can support you mitigating your liabilities to your customers, employees or partners.

Fire Service College Case Study

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