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4th Feb 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 – Monkeys in language

1st Feb 2016

What should luxury hotels offer their customers?

26th Jan 2016

Data Privacy Day

26th Jan 2016

The airline industry continues to soar

22nd Jan 2016

Why you should be doing business in Japan

19th Jan 2016

Japanese Travel Trends

15th Jan 2016

Meet our new starter – Christie

14th Jan 2016

Account Management at Capita TI in 2015

12th Jan 2016

Booking travel on the move – why travel companies should be optimised for mobile devices

8th Jan 2016

How to take your mobile-friendly website one step further

1st Jan 2016

Capita’s translation and travel review 2015

31st Dec 2015

2015 – a year of reflection

22nd Dec 2015

Social selling – why localisation of your social media sites might overtake your multilingual web strategy

22nd Dec 2015

6 situations where you need professional transcription

21st Dec 2015

HTTPS is here – Yet another move towards securing your data

8th Dec 2015

5 reasons why translating financial content is so tricky

8th Dec 2015

How Transcription Can Make Your Content More Useful

3rd Dec 2015

Localisation in the Energy industry – an introductory guide