Capita Translation and Interpreting’s European Forum

Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) recently held the first European Forum for providers of interpreting and translation services to organisations in the European public sector.

The Forum

Ian Hobbs, Public Services Director and Sonia Facchini, Customer Relationship Director hosted the forum, which took place on Thursday 12 February in Paris. Joining them were delegates from SeproTec , Spain, Concorde, Netherlands and Semantix, Sweden. This one day forum provided the delegates with a valuable opportunity to discuss their thoughts, ideas, experiences and best practices regarding the provision of language services to some of the largest organisations in Europe. These include organisations within central government, healthcare and the justice sectors.

What did we learn?

It was reassuring to discover that our challenges are very similar, despite the market and cultural differences between the four countries. Also, whilst our practices are not dissimilar, discussing them highlighted certain differences, which provided the participants with some good ideas that could possibly be applied to their own markets.

The outcome

All the delegates agreed the forum was interesting and beneficial. It was very valuable to meet in order to share ideas and opinions regarding the public sector language market and what we think the future will hold. We have agreed to hold a second forum in October to be hosted by SeproTec in Madrid where we hope to see an increase in the number of delegates who want to attend.

The delegates said:

“We had a very interesting meeting where we openly shared our experience from the different markets and organisations. It was amazing to see the similar situations, possibilities and problems that we all have. I went home with some interesting new ideas and I have even gained some very interesting and nice new friends in the European interpreting industry.”

Anders Uddfors, CEO, Semantix

“It has been a great meeting where I realised there are many things in common between the companies providing interpreting services for public institutions. We had the chance to confirm how important this service is, how it becomes more and more relevant with the years and how it is being professionalised via the few companies that are working on it. It was great to meet great people, in a very friendly session, where we could share knowledge and ideas, with the aim to improve our services in our countries. I am sure this European Interpreting Forum will grow and continue with more meetings and I am looking forward to the next one!”

Juan Julián León Ibáñez, Executive Director, SeproTec

“Thank you for taking the initiative and arranging the forum. It was very interesting to share experiences regarding European tenders relating to translation and interpreting and good to share experiences about freelance translators and interpreters. Last but not least, it was helpful to hear about best practices regarding organisational and ICT topics.”

Raymond de Groot, Director of ICT and Operations Concorde

If you are interested in joining the European Forum for Language Providers in the public sector, please contact

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