Capita TI unlocks system integration possibilities with Xillio

We’ve partnered with Xillio, unlocking access to multiple system integrations, making translation even quicker, more secure and easier for our customers.

Through Xillio, which is powered by one single API, we can now connect to many more content management systems, e-commerce platforms, document management systems, customer service platforms, file collaboration software tools and source code repositories.

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Supported systems

All of these connectors integrate with our secure SmartMATE platform. Once you’ve connected your system, you can send and retrieve content from SmartMATE for translation. Say goodbye to manual copying & pasting or time-consuming uploading & downloading!

The team at Xillio are constantly working on new system integrations. So, if a system isn’t listed above, it might be included on their product roadmap. Alternatively, we can connect to your systems using our API.

Benefits to you

Connect your system to SmartMATE and watch your business expand into multiple languages and markets at the click of a button.

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Tom is Head of Language Solutions team, helping to develop bespoke projects, connectors and tools for clients, with a focus on translation technology. In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing football (even if it is only at a very amateur level!)

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