Capita TI at TAUS Industry Summit 2017

From 22nd to 24th March, experts in the translation and localisation industry will be attending the annual industry summit, held by TAUS (Translation Automation User Society).

Capita Translation and interpreting’s General Manager, Antonio Tejada, will be attending the summit and taking part in the seminars, contributing to the Translation Industry Innovation Roadmap 2017-2021.

The industry summit is based around 6 themes: machine learning, machine translation, quality management, data clouds, interoperability/connectivity and the TAUS academy.

Automation in the translation industry is growing at an increasing rate. Advancements are constantly being made in translation technology, in order to balance the demand for short turnaround times, restricted budgets and high quality.

Translation technology


Capita TI has developed a translation technology suite, SmartMATE, which focuses on 3 key areas:

For more information on these tools, watch our 2 minute video, starring Antonio:

Whilst new technologies are continuing to change and impact the translation landscape, one thing is constant – both TAUS and Capita TI maintain that human side of localisation remains vital in order to support successful technologies. For more information, read Antonio’s blog on the Association of Translation Companies website – “We have the freelance translator in our hearts”.

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