Capita TI integrates SmartMATE with IBM Globalization Pipeline

Capita Translation & Interpreting (Capita TI) has partnered with multinational technology and consulting corporation, IBM, to offer developers an enhanced translation solution for cloud and mobile applications.

The integration of Capita TI’s SmartMATE Machine Translation (MT) and human post editing services with IBM’s Globalization Pipeline, will help developers focus on core development activities, avoiding the other timely and resource-intensive tasks that are traditionally associated with software localisation.

IBM’s Globalization Pipeline is a Bluemix service that enables developers to translate their application content into different languages and open new global markets for their apps rapidly and inexpensively, without having to step outside of their Bluemix Continuous Delivery infrastructure.

Capita TI is the first company to work together with IBM to facilitate the integration of additional Machine Translation services into Globalization Pipeline.

IBM customers can now use Capita TI’s secure MT engines, in addition to the existing IBM Watson engines, to translate their software strings, thus benefitting from access to more domains, more languages, and services such as translation confidence scores and human post editing.

Antonio Tejada, Language Solutions Director at Capita TI said “Capita TI has carried out a significant investment over the past 2 years to mature subject specific Machine Translation engines, with the objective of making them available through our RESTful API. The close collaboration with IBM to integrate these engines and related workflows into Globalization Pipeline has been a priority project since early 2015, and it is great to see it coming to fruition.”

If you would like more information on this MT integration, please visit our dedicated partner page.

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