Capita TI helps with HR support on a global scale

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, (see us on Stand G134 at the CIPD Conference in November, by the way), I was interested to find out how much HR-related work Capita Translation & Interpreting helps internal businesses with…

The increasing diversity of the UK workforce means employers need to ensure briefing on key policies such as Health & Safety are understood, even by those with little English. That’s led to some assignments – largely ad hoc – though a few companies are clearly beginning to assess the requirements of taking on staff with limited English, and adopting a more planned approach from the outset.

Telephone Interpreting can be used to support HR call-centres and to facilitate interviews

The majority of Capita TI’s work in HR is aimed at supporting businesses who recruit internationally or who are expanding into foreign markets, whether organically or via acquisition. Examples include providing Telephone Interpreting to support HR call-centres and to facilitate interviews, and translating employment contracts and company policies. Employee engagement is a further HR task which increasingly needs adaptation to globally dispersed operations. A leading US design practice turned to us to ensure a 1-hour “message from the CEO” video-clip was fully accessible to its growing headcount in China. Subtitling and adding professional voiceovers helped this business to really get the message across.

The increasing diversity of the UK workforce means employers need to ensure briefing on key policies are understood

Training and e-learning is another domain where translation is required. How do you make sure your global sales agents can understand how to use Salesforce? How do you ensure your e-learning package on compliance, bribery and fraud is rendered into French, German and Italian appropriately for all of your bank’s staff? Both are recent examples of how Capita TI’s work is developing in the HR arena.

And then, of course, there’s the other side of HR – for example, when we were asked to transcribe a disciplinary interview held in Italian and deliver the transcript within 24 hours. The nature of such a job is obviously quite sensitive, so data protections and security is highly important here.

So, from Data Security policies in Dutch to Health & Safety documents in Hungarian and video-clips in Vietnamese, it’s all part of the HR mix and, as I’ve been discovering over the past year, all part of Capita TI’s portfolio.

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