Capita TI and Across Systems discuss the importance of data security at Localization World Vancouver

Kristine Berry-Trow of Capita Translation and Interpreting and Carmen Bickle of Across Systems are going to be discussing the importance of data security at the Localization World Vancouver 2014 conference to be held October 29-31. The presentation entitled “Safe the Data: Data Security in Linguistic Supply Chain” will take place on Friday 31st October at The Vancouver Convention Centre.

Localization World aims to provide companies involved in international business, translation, localization and global website management the chance to network and share best practice. Representatives from Adobe Systems, Caterpillar Inc., Dell Inc., eBay, Google, Intuit, Microsoft, PayPal, SAP and other reputable companies will be speaking at the conference. The conference is delivered by MultiLingual Computing, Inc. and The Localization Institute.

There are eight themes that guests can choose from during the conference: Global Business, Content Strategy, Translation Automation (TAUS), Localization Core Competencies, Advanced Localization Management, Localization Service Provider, Unconference and The Inside Track.

The discussion hosted by Kristine and Carmen will form part of the “Localization Service Provider” track, and will demonstrate how enterprises do a lot to protect the data on their servers. For example, they implement backup routines, firewalls, as well as declared processes and sets of rules. However, as soon as documents are sent to external service providers for translation and leave the company, information security is no longer guaranteed unless suitable measures are taken. Regarding the entire linguistic supply chain, there are two main factors influencing data security in translation processes: people who are involved in the projects and technologies they use for their work and for the data transfer.

As part of Capita Group, which specializes in data protection for some of the UK’s biggest organizations, Capita TI is well positioned to demonstrate that there is more to true data security, beyond signed NDAs.

Across Systems, manufacturer of a leading translation management system, will describe the technical challenges of the linguistic supply chain. With a closed approach of the TMS, companies have the chance to limit the access to their data and define immutable rules for the translation process that must be observed throughout the supply chain.

Kristine and Carmen, as two experienced industry consultants, will highlight the biggest security challenges facing LSPs, with strategies to address the risks their customers have to deal with in their translation management.

“Localization World is a key conference for companies that are doing business globally or that are addressing multiple language markets,” says Kristine Berry-Trow. “Our presentation will give attendees insights into why LSPs need to review their content transfer practices or face the consequences of increased security risks. Security goes much further than the workflow.”

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