Capita LiveLINK remote interpreting

Our innovative remote interpreting service, Capita LiveLINK, is available in over 250 languages, and can be used 24 hours a day.

Many organisations need to communicate with non-English speakers quickly, in any language, via any channel, at any time of day or night. In these pressing situations, telephone interpreting can help to quickly break down any language barriers, with the touch of a button.

The traditional or common means of interpreting used is face-to-face, where an interpreter is physically present in order to allow the two parties to communicate. Face-to-face interpreting has great benefits, but we’re seeing an increase in the demand for immediacy and cost reduction. LiveLINK can be used across different sectors, for a variety of situations where multilingual communication is required.

From medical appointments with non-English speakers to international meetings and conferences with global stakeholders or customers, LiveLINK can connect you to a qualified, experienced interpreter, at any time of day, from any location.

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Accessing the platform couldn’t be easier, as you can connect via smartphone app, via the web or using a standard telephone line, by providing your secure login details.

Watch our short 2-minute video for more information.

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Find your language code

If you’re accessing LiveLINK via a telephone line, you’ll need to input a language code. Use the search box below to find your code – start typing the language, select the desired one, and click ‘Go’.

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LiveLINK telephone interpreting service is available to any business – public or commercial sector.

In order to access Capita LiveLINK, you will need to complete a short registration process.

Registration is straightforward and all we need to get you started are a few details.

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