Professional Translation Services

The wide scope of business and professional services in the modern company, especially companies with international reach and staff on many continents, makes accurate translation of all business documents a growing priority. The difference between profit and loss can boil down to fit for purpose business services, processes and functions that are understood and accessible to all.

Making sure your message is understood

Our project managers work closely with you to ensure that your copy reads like it had been written in your target language; specifically for your target market. They work to ensure that the translators we use – all native speakers and all experienced in producing creative copy – understand exactly what tone of voice your campaign needs and that nothing is lost in translation.

The right words – consistently

Every industry has its own specific terminology and many companies use words that have been dictated by their brand. It is critical that any finished copy does take this all into account and exactly the right words are used – at the right time. As we’re translating your copy we can build a glossary that automatically enforces correct usage – and ensures consistency across all your collateral.


The art of translation has evolved at the same rate as the technology around it. Gone are the days when ‘reverse-engineering’ content to make different languages ‘fit’ was common place. We do work with all industry standard software and common formats – for both Macs and PCs – so that your translation will work direct into your existing document design with no intermediate steps:

This is a big time saver, and can help your company ensure a consistent business message is communicated across many languages.

Meet the team

Darren OReilly

Darren O’Reilly is Head of Localisation for our Legal and Finance team, and has over 5 years’ experience in the industry. Darren has a wealth of experience within language services, litigation and regulatory document review services and Virtual Data Room hosting for M&A due diligence.

Damian Curley

Damian Curley is a Strategic Business Development Manager working in legal and financial services. He loves spending time travelling and learning about new cultures, as well as following his favourite sporting teams.

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