Bring your dog to work day

The 26th of August is National Dog Day, and as a nation of pet lovers, we decided to celebrate by holding a number of events to get everyone into the spirit and raise funds for the RSPCA.

The first, and main, event on the list was ‘Bring your dog to work day’, where we encouraged staff to bring their beloved, and most importantly well-behaved, canine friend into the office.

Bringing dogs to work has been proven to increase activity, reduce stress, and boost employee interaction.

This is the first event of its kind that has been done at Capita TI, so there was a lot of buzz around it.

Tom and Amber
Sales Manager Tom and his pooch Amber

Ruby Rose
Senior Business Development Manager Wendy’s dog, Ruby Rose

Peter, IT Developer lets his Labrador Dollie help with his workload.

Elliot, IT technician and borkie (half yorkie, half bichon) Freddy - notice the treat in the front of the shot?!
Elliot, IT technician and borkie (half yorkie, half bichon) Freddy – notice the treat in the front of the shot?![/caption]

Lisa’s dog Alfie sits for a treat

Leah’s pooch Elvis looks longingly at his owner

Carrying on with the theme of dogs, if there is one thing that any pet owner loves, it’s taking pictures of their animals! So we asked them to submit their favourite selfie with their dog, and donate £1 for each picture. This was a fun way to get involved and show off how photogenic your dog is, and the winner would receive a prize!

Once all of this was sorted, day approached, and the dogs and humans alike were present in the office, we decided that a treat was in order! We ran a tuck shop in the kitchen, with sweets for everyone, and treats for the dog. We included tuck-shop classics, such as lollipops, flying saucers, love hearts and jelly worms.

All proceeds across these events went directly to the RSPCA.

Dog language

Now, here at Capita TI we love languages. Therefore, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about the language of dogs. Scientists have proven that dogs have regional accents, depending on where their owner is from, and even though a dog barking might all sound very similar to us, we call it different things around the world.

How dogs ‘bark’ in other languages:

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