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We live in an increasingly digital world, reliant on multimedia. More businesses are using video and audio to connect and engage with their employees, partners and potential clients around the world, and as such, the demand for high-quality audiovisual translation and localisation grows.

In audiovisual localisation projects, there are so many variations to consider: translation of the script, cultural nuances, voice-over artist talent, matching the speed of the target language speech to the source – the list goes on. Your business has probably spent a good amount of time, resource and cost on creating your company videos, so when it comes to translation, it’s important to use a professional localisation provider to ensure the same high-quality experience for your international audience.

Audiovisual localisation includes areas such as:

Vide Transcription - Audiovisual Translation

Video transcription

Creating text from audio, which can then be converted into subtitles or a voice over

Voice over - Audiovisual Translation

Voiceover recording

Using a voiceover artist, native in the target language, to recreate your script in another language

Subtitling - Audiovisual Translation


Translating and embedding on-screen text in other languages to appear as subtitles


Cost-effective audiovisual translation services

Localising your video and multimedia content into other languages doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. We work closely with linguists, voiceover artists and sound engineers to ensure a high quality translation, on-time and within budget.

Watch our video for 10 tips on how to reduce your spend on video localisation.

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Our audiovisual localisation services cover a variety of sectors, including:

Digital Content Translation | Website Localisation

Digital content & website localisation


Manufacturing localisation

Manufacturing localisation


Training Translation

e-Learning and training translation


Legal Translation

Legal translation


Financial translation

Financial translation


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