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Spanish technology company with global ambitions

App selection made easier – in any language

In today’s world – 2.5 billion people are online, with 40% of all time spent on the internet being made up by people using mobile devices. Mobile application developers have seized this opportunity – the Apple Store alone hosts more than 1.2 million apps.

Appszoom, a technology company based in Barcelona, host an online platform that aims to make it easier for mobile users to find the most useful and enjoyable apps. They review thousands of apps each year, and their website gives users straightforward recommendations and advice, helping them to discover applications that are the most suitable and desirable for them.

The opportunity for growth

Appszoom wanted to build on the success of their English-language website by establishing a multilingual web presence that would satisfy their users around the globe.

Before approaching Capita TI, Appszoom had already begun their localisation journey, starting with English and Spanish. Appszoom recognised that this language is spoken by millions of people around the world, and believed many of their existing customers to be Spanish speakers. The team then began to translate their website into a further eight languages; French, German, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian. These languages were chosen as they were shown to be languages that would provide a solid foundation for a world-wide customer base.

The challenge

In order to establish their multilingual web presence, Appszoom were initially using a mix of in-house employees and freelance linguists to translate their web-pages on an ad-hoc basis. It was quickly realised that Appszoom’s employees did not always have the time, resources or necessary translation skills to dedicate to this task, so translation quality and turn-around times were inconsistent. Appszoom decided that they needed to put their trust in a company who could translate all of these languages simultaneously and professionally.

A further challenge faced by Appszoom was the ability to find a language service provider that had previous experience in the mobile and application industry. Knowledge in this sector is of utmost importance for Appszoom, in order to achieve a high quality of translation.

New apps are continually published, updated and reviewed, so rapid translation turnaround times are imperative. Appszoom was struggling to independently and consistently translate new material into all nine languages on a regular basis, so turned to Capita TI.

How Capita TI helped

In terms of a global growth plan, Capita TI was on-hand to help Appszoom with their decision-making process from the very beginning. Both companies worked in close partnership to design a clear road-map for the development of the technology firm’s worldwide strategy.

The initial challenge to overcome was how to consistently meet tight deadlines without compromising the quality of translations. Capita TI came up with an ‘updates plan’ using Translation Memory software.

Whenever an update need arises, the Capita TI translation teams working on the content are able to easily refer back to previously translated segments, providing faster turnaround times, more consistent translations and reduced costs.

Capita TI places great importance on selecting the right linguists to work on particular translations. Capita TI always selects translators who are specialists in their sector and who are keen to gain a thorough understanding of Appszoom as a business. To offer the team at Appszoom additional peace of mind, Capita TI were also able to allocate an experienced and dedicated Project Manager to their jobs, who had previous experience working within the gaming and technology sector.

High Hit Rate

Since launching in 2009, Appszoom has proven to be popular with users, generating more than seven million unique visits to their website every month.

What Capita TI achieved

The result

Through all of these measures Capita TI was able to put in place an agile form of multilingual support which helped to meet Appszoom’s regular translation turnaround schedule. From receipt of the initial set of English source files, Capita TI is able to deliver translated content, in all nine languages, to Appszoom within one working week, which is a key part of the partnership between the two companies.

“Capita TI is a key partner in our strategic plan to create localised content for our different portals across the globe. We are both committed to our users by bringing our app discovery services to them in their mother tongues.”

Anna Quintero, Head of Marketing and Communications

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