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Here you’ll find resources covering topics such as getting the most out of Machine Translation, how to write content intended for localisation, security within the localisation industry and balancing quality, time and cost.


 Advanced localisation – How to save translation costs and optimise efficiency
Using smart processes, agile workflows and expedient technology can help to improve time to market and costs savings.

Why risk it? 5 issues surrounding secure localisation management
How important is data security in localisation? This paper discusses 5 issues around digital security and how to prevent data being leaked.

The Value of Language in e-Commerce
As the world becomes more connected thanks to the Internet, the opportunity to sell to new global markets grows, but which are the most important languages in e-Commerce?

Machine Translation: what, why, when and how?
A machine can translate up to 18 times more content than a human can, while saving as much as 90% in terms of costs. Is this the future of translation?

The Conundrum of Quality, Time and Cost in the Language Services Sector
How to balance the quality, time and cost triangle in language services and defining which should take priority.

Interpreting – What it takes to provide a high-quality service
This paper looks at interpreting within the public sector and how to deliver a high-quality service when dealing with sensitive and confidential information.

A centralised approach to localisation
Localisation can be done through various formats. This paper discusses the differences between using in-house linguists and a professional LSP, and the benefits of dealing with one sole supplier.


Have you thought about e-Learning translation?
Where training and e-Learning programs can be delivered in the user’s native language, engagement and retention is only going to increase further.

Have you thought about website localisation?
Website localisation for e-commerce sites is vital. In an international retail market, it is important to know your customers and manage their expectations.

Have you thought about software localisation?
Software localisation requires a great deal of skill and expertise, and includes everything from testing functionality for local markets, to translating your marketing materials

Machine Translation for Manufacturing (Webinar)
What is Machine Translation (MT)? This 20 minute webinar focuses on how to make the most of MT, how to achieve cost savings and how to build up your own engines.

Customised, Secure Machine Translation for Across TMS (Webinar)
This webinar, in partnership with Across, covers the application of Machine Translation (MT) into a localisation workflow and shows you a live demo of our own Machine Translation platform, SmartMATE.

The history of translation
The origins of translation and interpreting and how it has shaped modern day communication.

 British Sign Language services
An overview of the different British Sign Language (BSL) services we provide and how to choose which is right for you

Useful help guides

 Audiovisual localisation
A guide to localising video and multimedia content, including voiceover recording, transcription and subtitling.

Creating content for translation
Guidelines on writing English content for translation for an easier, quicker process.

 Localisation best practices
Going beyond straightforward text translation, this guide covers cultural, political, technical and formatting issues in localisation.

15 principles of Simplified Technical English
Using Simplified Technical English in your source documents makes them more appropriate for Machine Translation, saving you time and costs.

Localisation of User Assistance
A guide to localising your user assistance on time, within budget and consistent with your software.

 Multilingual training and development – localising e-Learning
A step-by-step guide to localising your e-Learning modules and documentation, maximising staff performance and productivity in any language.

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