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Capita TI has partnered with Across to make your translations faster, easier to manage and more cost efficient, through the use of language technology.

Our Machine Translation suite, SmartMATE integrates perfectly with Across via crossConnect to make workflows easier to manage, data storage more consistent, and processes more secure. More than 25,000 customers around the globe rely on Across, and their client bases includes Language Service Providers, translators and business enterprises. Want to know more about crossConnect? Download our leaflet.

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For more information about Across and the work they do, visit their website or on Twitter @Across_Systems.


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Capita TI has partnered with WPML to make website translation projects easier to manage, faster and more cost efficient, through the use of language technology. WordPress by default is not multilingual, so this means you need to add multilingual functionality through a translation plugin, such as SmartMATE WordPress Connect.

The new SmartMATE connector integrates perfectly via WPML with WordPress to enable a much easier website localisation process by connecting the WordPress Content Management System with Capita’s Translation Management System.  Anyone using this multilingual plugin can send content for translation and track the status of all jobs, without having to leave the WordPress environment. Users can also access their account at any time of day to review the status of their jobs, manage purchase orders and track their spend.

For more information or to install this multilingual plugin for WordPress, visit their website here.

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Capita TI has partnered with multinational technology and consulting corporation, IBM, to offer Bluemix developers an enhanced translation solution for cloud and mobile applications.

The integration of Capita TI’s SmartMATE Machine Translation (MT) and human post editing services, combined with IBM’s Globalization Pipeline, will help developers focus on core development activities, avoiding the other timely and resource-intensive tasks that are traditionally associated with software localisation.

Capita TI is the first company to work together with IBM to facilitate the integration of additional Machine Translation services into Globalization Pipeline. IBM customers can now use Capita TI’s secure MT engines, in addition to the existing IBM Watson engines, to translate their software strings, thus benefitting from access to more domains, more languages, and services such as translation confidence scores and human post editing.

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Lab Digital

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As a customer, imagine if every time you went online you were faced with only things that were relevant and interesting to you. It would feel different; more meaningful and pertinent. Your online experience would be richer, simpler and more enjoyable.

To help make this a reality, Capita TI has partnered with Lab, one of the leading independent digital agencies in the UK, in order to offer their customers a much more personalised online experience, in any language.

For more information about Lab and the work they do please visit their website or on Twitter @LabDigitalUK.



We’ve partnered with international Web CMS developer Ektron to enhance Ektron users’ ability to translate their website content into multiple languages. Using an Ektron custom widget, content for translation can be securely transmitted to and from Capita TI, direct from the Ektron system.

For more information, visit Ektron’s website or on Twitter @Ektron.