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Translation ecosystem

We believe that service excellence and quality depends on the symbiotic relationship between you, your language assets and our people; working as a community in a technology-facilitated environment.

Translation management is much more than just the system you use, it’s all about people, processes and technology.

Our translation ecosystem offers you an easy to use interface, making the translation process quick, easy and efficient. Our automated workflows mean that each element of the translation ecosystem work seamlessly together, reducing time and effort for both Capita and you as the customer.

Automated workflows

Language assets


Translation memories

Brand content

Language assets are the foundation of our translation ecosystem. We work closely with you to ensure that all language elements of our service are synchronised, both within Capita and between your different stakeholders. A rich soil will drive growth so we ensure that assets such as terminology, references, style guides and reviewer feedback are always in continuous evolution.



Project team

Review team

Engagement is driven by those who firmly believe themselves to be part of a common goal. The successful implementation and development of our translation ecosystem requires the integration of our account management, project management, language teams and experts with your multiple stakeholders.

We drive this through the creation of a community, which also includes internal customers and reviewers. Together we work to set goals, discuss performance and share a vision.





Our home-grown technology suite, SmartMATE, focuses on improving the quality of our translations, the productivity of our teams and our clients, and connectivity between our customers systems and our own.

SmartMATE is made up of 3 elements: connectivity, productivity and quality.

Single interface

Interpreting ecosystem

We believe that delivering service excellence and quality means protecting your brand, using the right people for the right job, and providing your business with continuous support and innovative, customised solutions.

Interpreting management and best practice is much more than providing public sector organisations with an interpreter, it’s all about people, processes and technology.

Our interpreting ecosystem makes the process of providing you with an interpreter both efficient and cost effective, from implementation through to service delivery. Each element of the ecosystem works flawlessly with each other, ensuring a high-quality service and positive outcomes for both you and your end user.

User experience

Brand assets

Your people

Your reputation

Your data

Our customer is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise your brand and we care about the outcomes you deliver to your key stakeholders. How you are regarded both within your community and nationally is very important to us, so our data allows you to make informed decisions, in real time, regarding how best to serve your community.



The end customer

Our people

Our language services enable your end users to overcome language barriers, and allow your highly-trained staff to deliver an excellent service. We recruit our linguists from the community, and we build a community, to serve the community. Our local hub of interpreters, who will be aware of the specific requirements of your organisation, will serve you throughout the life-cycle of the contract. Our people are our greatest strength and our support teams have the skills and experience to find solutions applicable to each individual customer.





When we implement our service, we ensure it is fit for purpose for your organisation’s needs, and provide 24-hour support, 7 days a week. We provide a one-stop-shop (managed service), which means all your language services can be procured directly from us, via a number of Public Sector Frameworks. We have the technology in place to integrate with your systems, provide the solutions you need, and drive down costs for your business.

Cost efficiencies

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