2020 vision

We all have our visions of the future. Some are outlandish and closer to science fiction than solid fact. Others draw on reliable data and offer us logical predictions.

Last month Cisco released its 10th annual Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast. So how will mobile communication develop over the second half of this decade? The networking giant paints a vivid picture.

Global mobile data traffic is set to increase by a factor of 8 by the year 2020. 4 years from now, 70% of the world’s population will be mobile users, and we’ll have 11.6 billion devices and connections to choose from. We will also be making use of approximately 600 million items of wearable technology.

How can service providers secure their place in tomorrow’s arena? What’s our 2020 vision?

In recent days Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins has been sharing his, restructuring the company’s engineering division to prioritise key technology.

Cisco’s 26,000 engineers will now be split into four units: cloud services and platforms, internet of things (IoT) and applications, security and networking. The aim is to integrate sales, service and engineering activity, speeding up decision making and moving the right solutions front and centre in the swiftest, most efficient and customer-friendly way possible.

The message isn’t exclusive to Cisco. It speaks to all of us. Take nothing for granted. Be fast on your feet, and keep finding ways to give your customers an edge.

Localisation offering an immersive experience

Telecommunication industry leaders are at home with those ideas. Traditional video teleconferencing solutions are being left in the shade by new technology offering an increasingly immersive experience. Put simply, you’ll look and sound as if you’re in the room. As if you’re speaking and being spoken to.

And surely that’s the goal for all of us. To communicate with such clarity that our audience – whatever their nationality and their language – feel and respond as if they are being spoken to personally.

Capita’s status as a first tier corporate partner to this sector has made us thoroughly familiar with the priorities of its leaders. Supporting product research and development, enabling global growth, we offer you precision in every detail.

Partnership with Capita gives you the platform to reach out to any audience with confidence. Conveying your core message and preserving the meaning of key industry signifiers across languages and borders. Your documentation and reporting, your manuals and protocols, as clear to users in Shanghai, Rio and Munich as they are to the people who wrote them.

Clear sound. Clear vision. 2020 vision.

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