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Our language services cover a wide variety of market sectors, services, content and end users

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What’s new at Capita Translation and interpreting?

26th Sep 2018

International Women’s Day 2019

21st Feb 2019

Unlocking system integration in translation

26th Sep 2018

Celebrating the Manchester legal landscape

21st Feb 2019

Website localisation for international finance

Our technology

Translation technology

Our home-grown technology suite, SmartMATE, focuses on improving the quality of our translations, the productivity of our teams and our clients, and connectivity between our customers systems and our own.

Remote interpreting

Communicate with non-English speakers quickly, in any language, via any channel, at any time of day or night via our telephone and video interpreting platform.

Our ecosystem


We integrate our account management, project management, language teams and experts with your multiple stakeholders.


We work closely with you to ensure that your reputation, data and language elements are protected and synchronised.


Our technology focuses on improving the quality of translations, the productivity of teams, and connectivity between your systems and our own.

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