Translation Services

“Translation: The process of rendering written communication from one language into another. Translation can be produced by humans or by machine translation”

Capita Translation and Interpreting is a professional translation company that provide high quality professional translation and localisation services to enable you to communicate accurately. We use professional translators to translate into and from over 150 languages so you can be sure we have the right solution for you. Read more about the specific languages we translate.

We can handle all your business translation and localisation needs. And the more work we do for you, the better we know your requirements. By making the most of cutting edge
we also can drive down your translation cost. Our professional translation services are undertaken by native, highly qualified professional translators and proofreaders with expertise in your chosen subject or industry sectors. These translators are managed by our experienced team of Project Managers who work in partnership with our customers to deliver the best possible results.
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Assuring quality

We subject all of our translation and localisation work to thorough quality assurance checks at every point in the translation process:

Following delivery, we discuss the job with you to evaluate both the technical and linguistic quality of the localised product.

Proofing isn’t a luxury

Proofreading a translated document is essential to assure quality. As a professional translation company we ensure the work is carried out thoroughly, whatever level of service you choose.

It’s an established truth that it’s far more effective for the translator and the proofreader to be different people and that a mistake is more likely to be spotted in someone else’s work. For this reason, we recommend our standard or premium translation services for critically important document translation.

Depending on the specific needs of our customers, we offer varying degrees of service delivery – from straightforward one-pass document translation, to complex multi-step localisation projects. Why choose professional translation services for this type of work? Professional translation tends to be used for smaller or very detailed, highly specific translation where the topic is new, complex or sensitive. It can be labour intensive, but is extremely accurate because you receive a personalised service from people intent on getting it right first time.

Whatever your need, you can be assured that we’ll select the most suited language translators to best meet your specific requirements. It’s why we’re trusted by companies throughout the world to deliver accurate translating and proofreading services on time and on budget.

About our translators

The quality of the work we do for you is our principal concern. To ensure we hire only people of the right quality to deliver our professional translations, we look for candidates who can satisfy our stringent requirements.

To work for us, a translator must

• Show at least two references for previous projects
• Translate only into their native language
• Be appropriately qualified in their technical areas
• Have working industry experience for the type of material they translate.

We have access to a database of highly qualified, professional translators across the world.

Using our translation services

Once we have discussed your requirements, we’ll recommend the best option for your project, taking into account factors such as language pairs and how the translated material is going to be used.

If your translation is urgent we can use multiple language translators, although it’s far easier for us to make certain that the style is uniform if the whole job is translated by one person. We’ll discuss this with you in detail once we know your requirements and form a project plan.

My name is Richard Lassiter, I’m the OTT Product Marketing Manager for Telefónica Digital. Telefónica Digital is a global business division of Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telecom companies. Telefónica Digital is a place where all of the areas of the business are – focused on innovation are based. So, you know, after I joined, it was pretty apparent that the quality of the in-app translations that we have weren’t up to – to – to the standard of the company Telefónica, so very quickly I realised that I needed to get a translations agency on board. So, I was looking to – to quickly improve the quality of the translations that we offered with – within the application, and also begin to increase the number of languages that we offered as well. Capita were – first of all the quality of the translation – it was always in very high standard and I – I received some very positive feedback from – from – from our – from our members in – in those countries that spoke those languages. Secondly, I’d say the – the – the – the turnaround time we – we tend to have fairly – fairly fast turnaround times, so speed was really of the essence and Capita were very good at that. Thirdly, I would say the range of services that – that Capita can provide, not only simply just a translation of a document, but also being able to set up, you know, voice-over artists for recording pieces in – in multiple languages. That was a huge bonus for us, you know, a fellow employee within the business recommended – you know – Capita came highly recommended from them. You know, it was obviously – you know – a reason to start working with them and I can also say so far they’ve been really really – and no doubt we’ll be working with them a great deal more in the future.

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